Class settings: Retakes

Can students retake an assignment?

Yes! This is a new feature in 2021. Retakes allow students to completely redo and resubmit assignments. When enabled, students see a “retake” option next to each submitted and evaluated assignment. Students may independently choose to retake an assignment, or you may instruct them to do so.

 Please note: When a student clicks “Retake,” their previous progress on the assignment is immediately deleted from Checkology and they must completely redo it in order to submit it to you.

Step-by-step guide to enabling retakes

By default, retakes are not enabled. Follow these five steps to enable retakes for a class of students. Repeat the process for as many classes as you'd like.

  1. From your Dashboard, click "Edit" next to "Class settings" on a class tile.


  2. Click "Open advanced settings." 


  3. Find "Retakes" and toggle the switch on (green) to enable.


  4. Click "OK" after reading the warning popup. By clicking "OK," you are acknowledging that you understand that when a student clicks "Retake" next to an assignment, it completely and immediately erases their previous work on the assignment. 


  5. Press the green "Save" button.    SaveSettings.png

How do retakes work?

When retakes are enabled, students will automatically see the option for a retake appear on a assignment tile after:

  1. They have completed the assignment at least once, and
  2. Their work has been fully evaluated.*

*Some assignments are entirely auto-graded (such as exercises and some missions), so the "Retake" option will appear for students as soon as the assignment has been submitted. Other assignments require teacher evaluation (such as many lessons). In those cases, the "Retake" button will only appear after you have evaluated the student work and posted your evaluation back to the student.

While you cannot directly force a student retake on a particular assignment, you may instruct them to return back to their student Dashboard and click "Retake" next to that assignment. 

When a student clicks "Retake," they must acknowledge that they are choosing to have their previous work on the assignment cleared in order to start fresh with the assignment. After a student clicks "Yes, retake it!," their previous answers are erased and they go to the very beginning of the assignment. At the end of the assignment, their new scores are recorded and any teacher-evaluable assessments appear as evaluable work in your teacher account.

Screen_Shot_2021-04-13_at_09.20.21.png        Screen_Shot_2021-04-13_at_09.20.34.png

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How do I know if a student has retaken an assignment?

From your Dashboard, click "Manage" next to "Students." Then, click on "View work" next to any student in your class roster.

Manage_Students.jpeg          Viewwork.png

Then, check the "Retakes" column to see the number of times a student has opted to retake an assignment.


 Please note: The other columns (Correct/Points/Duration) will reflect the student's most recent retake.

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