Evaluating student work

How do I grade student work?

While many assessments in Checkology lessons are auto-graded by the platform, some are "teacher evaluable," meaning they need to be graded by you. Those teacher-evaluable assessments include both written response questions (such as Solo Sentence) and student uploads. Some teacher-evaluable assessments have both an option to provide feedback and select a credit level while others will only have an option to provide feedback, such as slider rankings and other opinion-based questions. The below article is divided into the following two sections:

  • How will I know when work is ready to grade?
  • Step-by-step guides to grading student work

(Watch the video or read the article below to learn more about grading student work.)


How will I know when work is ready to grade?

Check your Dashboard class tile and look for an exclamation mark   next to "Assignments." This symbol indicates that there is submitted student work with teacher-evaluable assessments that need your review. 



Step-by-step guides to grading student work

There are two options for accessing and grading student work. You can begin by accessing the "Evaluate Assignments" option on your class tile to grade student work by assignment or you can begin by accessing the "Manage Students" option to grade a specific student's completed work.

Use the tabs below to toggle between instructions on both options for grading work:

Grading by assignment Grading by student

Grading by assignment

This option allows you to begin grading by first selecting an assignment from a course view and then finding students who have submitted work within that selected assignment.

  1. On your Dashboard, click "Evaluate" next to "Assignments."

    This will take you to a course view where you will see which assignments have teacher-evaluable assessments ready for your evaluation.

    Evaluate.png          courseview.PNG


  2. Click "View" next to any assignment that has a "Ready for Evaluation" message.

    This message indicates that student work has been submitted for this assignment and it includes teacher-evaluable assessments that need your attention.



  3. Click on "View" next to any student that has a "Ready for Evaluation" message.

    This will take you to the evaluation area. 



  4. Offer feedback and assign credit levels to student responses.

    In the evaluation area, you are automatically shown only teacher evaluable items that you can grade. If you wish to see the full lesson or all student responses (including auto-graded ones), adjust the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner.

    To the right of responses ready for evaluation, you will see a space to enter feedback. Some teacher-evaluable assessments also allow you to assign a levels of credit. The 3 levels of credit you can assign are: 

    • Full Credit: Awards students the full number of points associated with the question.
    • Half Credit: Awards students half of the available points.
    • No Credit: Awards students none of the points.



  5. Click the "Post to Student" button at the top of the page.

    This button will share the feedback and credit you selected with the student. You can enter feedback and credit for as many students as you like before selecting the green "Post to Student" button at the top of your review screen.


    When the student logs into their account, a platform notification will alert them that you have reviewed their work. Students can see your feedback and what level of credit they have earned by visiting their "Locker" tab. An orange "Revise and resubmit" button will appear next to written response items, allowing students to retry those assessments based on your feedback.

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