Managing student revisions and retakes

Can students revise answers or retake assignments?

Yes! Students can retry quick answer questions while they are completing a lesson by using one of their five available "retries." Students can revise submitted answers to written response questions only after their teacher returns feedback to them. Once returned, students can use the "Revise and resubmit" option to revise their written responses. If you would like students to be able to redo entire assignments, you can enable retakes for a class. This article goes over all three of these options.

How do students revise their answers?

Retrying quick answers

When completing an assignment, students automatically have five "retries" for any quick answer questions, such as multiple choice or matching questions. If a student would like to use a retry after selecting an incorrect answer, they click the "Use a retry" button and are brought back to the quick answer question to try again. 


Most incorrect answer choices also provide additional feedback for the student to consider before trying again.

Revising written responses

Once you have evaluated student work (including posting feedback to students), students can revise their submitted answers to written response questions by clicking on the orange "Revise and resubmit" button that appears next to their original response with your returned feedback. 


It is up to you whether you accept student revisions for either full or half credit. The platform will allow students an unlimited number of revisions.

Click on the box below to view student instructions on how to revise and resubmit work.

Student instructions: How to revise and resubmit


To find the "Revise and resubmit" option, first enter the Feedback window for the assignment. You can do this two ways:

  1. By going to the "Locker" tab and clicking the "Feedback" option next to an assignment.



  2. By staying on the Dashboard and clicking "Feedback" on a completed (and evaluated) assignment. 


  Please note: If you have submitted an assignment, but do not yet see a "Feedback" option in either of these two locations, that means that your teacher is still evaluating your work and has not yet posted any feedback for you to review.

Once in the feedback window, you will see an orange "Revise and resubmit" button next to all written response questions. Once clicked, you will be taken to the original question where you can edit and resubmit your written response to your teacher for further review.


How do I enable retakes for students?

If you would like students to be able to retake an entire assignment, you can enable retakes for that class by visiting "Class settings" and "Open advanced settings" in your educator account.

Once enabled, please note that when a student clicks “Retake,” their previous progress on the assignment is immediately deleted from Checkology and they must completely redo it in order to submit it to you.

For more information on how the retakes work or how to know if a student has retaken an assignment, please visit:

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