Class settings: One-to-many mode

What is one-to-many mode?

When one-to-many mode is enabled for a lesson, students cannot watch that lesson's instructional videos on their individual devices. Instead, you can share or project the lesson videos from your educator account screen. One-to-many mode is typically used for these two reasons:

  1. You want to share or project your screen so that all students can view the lesson videos at the same time and you can foster class discussion or otherwise facilitate the student learning experience. 
  2. You are experiencing low access to network bandwidth at school. If student devices are struggling to load Checkology videos due to limited network bandwidth, you may have more success using one-to-many mode to project the video from your device on a smartboard or TV.

The student experience with one-to-many mode

One-to-many mode only affects video instructional elements in lessons, challenges, exercises and missions. When enabled, students will be prompted to watch instructional videos as a class (virtually or in-person). All other lesson elements (text instructions, assessments, etc.) will appear as normal for students.

 Please note: Assessment elements that include video will remain available to students in one-to-many mode.

Watch the student experience Read about the student experience

Short video of a student navigating a lesson with one-to-many mode on:

Locating one-to-many mode

To access one-to-many mode, click "Edit" next to "Class settings" on your class tile. Then, click "Open advanced settings" on the bottom right.

Edit.png    onetomany.png

Turning one-to-many mode on/off

Be default, one-to-many mode is disabled. Toggle the switch to turn one-to-many mode on (green) or off (gray). 

When enabling one-to-many mode, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Toggle the one-to many mode switch on (green).


  2. Select which course assignments you would like to use in one-to-many mode. You may enable and disable one-to-many mode as you'd like throughout your Checkology use, even as students are midway through an assignment.


  3. Click the green "Save" button after making any changes to class settings.


Sharing/projecting a lesson

When one-to-many mode is turned on, you can play the video elements of a lesson in your educator account through either the "Content" tab or through the course management area ("View/edit course" on your class tile). When viewing lessons in either of these educator account locations, you can skip to the video element you'd like to screenshare/ project by using the navigation dots at the bottom of the lesson view.

 Please note: When you move through a lesson to project a particular lesson element, your students’ accounts won’t move along with you — they’ll need to manually advance through the lesson on their individual devices.

In the Content tab In the course management area

Click the "Preview" option next to the lesson title you want to screenshare/project.


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