Account settings: Video preference

Which video hosting platforms does Checkology use?

Checkology videos are hosted on three different platforms: Vimeo, YouTube, and Wistia. Many schools block one of these platforms, so be sure to ask your school’s IT staff which one is preferred. You can switch platforms anytime in the manage account section of your educator account. Some users switch platforms to align better with their local network permissions while others switch because they prefer the in-element video player of a particular platform.

Switching your video preference:

When you switch your video preference in your educator account, it will automatically update the video preferences of the student accounts joined to your classes. Updating video preferences will not affect student progress in any way. Just follow these three steps to switch your video preference:

  1. Hover over the icon in the top right corner and select "Manage Account" from the dropdown menu.


  2. Click on "Video Preference" from the side navigation menu.


  3. Select another video platform and click "Submit." 



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