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Can I add co-teacher(s) to Checkology classes?

Yes! Each class can have an unlimited number of co-teachers. Co-teachers are able to add and manage students, view and evaluate student work, download a class report, and view (but not edit) the course.

Step-by-step guide to adding a co-teacher

Follow these 3 steps to add a co-teacher to one of your Checkology classes:

  1. Check whether your colleague is registered with your school.

    In order to add a co-teacher to your class, they must first have their own Checkology educator account linked to your same school. To check whether your colleague has an account registered to your school, click "Edit" next to "Class settings" on your class tile. Then, click "Open advanced settings" on the bottom right.

    On the bottom right of your advanced settings, you'll see the "Co-Teachers" window. Scroll through the list of names — these are the names of other educators with Checkology accounts registered at your school.

    Edit.png         coteachers.png

      If you don't see the colleague you're looking for, proceed to step 2.

      If you do see the colleague you're looking for, skip to step 3.

  2. Ask your colleague to register for Checkology.

    Send your colleague the Checkology educator registration link. During the registration process, they will be able to register with your school by inputting the school ZIP code and selecting the school from the "Choose your school" list: 


  3. Add your colleague as a co-teacher.

    In the "Co-Teachers" window in your advanced settings (Dashboard -> Edit class settings -> Open advanced settings), check the box next to the colleague's name that you would like to make a co-teacher. Then, click the green save button.


      Please note: If you would like to add a co-teacher for multiple classes, you will need to do this step for each of those classes.

The co-teacher experience

When you have assigned a co-teacher and they login to their Checkology account, they'll see your class tile on their Dashboard. They'll have the option to add and manage students, view and evaluate student work, download a class report, and view (but not edit) the course. Here's a quick comparison of the co-teacher and lead teacher features/view on Checkology class tiles:

  Edit class settings Add/ manage students View/ evaluate assignments View course Create/ edit course







Lead teacher






coclasslabeled.png               noncoclasslabeled.png

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