Class settings: Pre-/post-assessment

What is the pre-/post-assessment?

The pre- and post-assessment are two of the three student growth measures available on Checkology. With data from these measures, you can assess students’ prior knowledge so you can design a meaningful, high-impact and engaging news literacy unit. It can also help you determine student learning gains so you can make informed edits to their news literacy coursework and know when students have mastered news literacy concepts and skills. Anonymous aggregate data also helps NLP better understand student learning patterns and improve the platform.

(Watch the video or read the article below to learn more about the pre-/post-assessment.)

Where can I preview the student growth questions?

To preview the 15 student growth questions, click the "Resources" tab in your teacher account. Then, scroll down to see the resource "Student growth measure questions and answers." Click "Download" to view.


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Pre-assessment basics

This measure appears as an assessment that students are required to take before beginning their assigned news literacy course on Checkology. It typically takes 10-15 minutes for a student to complete all 15 questions. The pre-assessment measure is on by default when you create a new class.

The pre-assessment appears on the top of the student Dashboard at the start of the assigned course. If students try to bypass the pre-assessment, they will be prompted to complete it before they can start their first lesson.

Screen_Shot_2020-07-23_at_15.10.56.png         surveywarning.PNG


Post-assessment basics

This measure appears as individual questions at the end of the Checkology assignments to which they are aligned. Some assignments do not contain post-assessment questions, while others contain between one and three. Each question typically takes less than a minute to complete. The post-assessment measure is on by default when you create a new class.

After students have answered any post-assessment questions that appear at the end of an assignment, they can submit the assignment to you.

post.png     postq.jpg


Accessing pre-/post-assessment results

To view your students' pre-/post-assessment results, click "More" on your top navigation, then click "Pre/Post Assessment." In the survey results window, you'll be able to view pre-assessment results, post-assessment results, and student growth using the matched data view. 


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Turning the pre-/post-assessment on/off:

The pre-/post-assessment is a default setting in Checkology. This means that all students in your class are required to take a 15-question pre-assessment before starting their assigned Checkology course and they may see one or more post-assessment questions at the end of select assignments. 

To change the pre-/post-assessment setting, click "Edit" next to "Settings" on your class tile. Then, click "Open advanced settings" on the bottom right:

Edit.png          survey_settings.png

Then, toggle the switch to turn the Pre/Post Assessment on (green) or off (gray). Click the green "Save" button after making any changes to class settings.

  • When the toggle is on (green), students will be prompted to take the pre-/post-assessments.


  • When the toggle is off (gray), students will no longer be prompted to take the pre-assessment survey or answer post-assessment questions.


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