Class settings: Leaderboard

What is a leaderboard?

The leaderboard shows the points ranking of the top 10 students in a class. This can promote friendly competition among students. By default, the leaderboard is enabled in Checkology.

Locating the leaderboard setting

To access the contests setting, click "Edit" next to "Class settings" on your class tile. Then, click "Open advanced settings" on the bottom right.

Edit.png    lead1.png

Turning the leaderboard on/off

Toggle the switch to turn the leaderboard on (green) or off (gray). Click the green "Save" button after making any changes to class settings.

Leaderboard: On

When the leaderboard is enabled, students can check the leaderboard in their "Locker" tab.

Leadon.PNG          Leadstudent.png

You can see the leaderboard from your educator account by clicking "Manage" next to "Students" on a class tile and then clicking "View work" next to any student's name in the class. 

Managestudents.png     Viewwork.png

The leaderboard will appear at the bottom of that student's "view work" page:


Leaderboard: Off

When the leaderboard is switched off, students will not see the leaderboard in their student accounts. 



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