Accessing student data

Where can I access data about student progress?

This article goes over three main places you can go to get data about student progress on Checkology:

  • In the "Manage Students" area.
  • In the downloaded report.
  • In the "Pre/Post Assessment" tab.

(Watch the video or read the article below to learn more about analyzing student data.)

The Manage Students area

How to access:

On your Dashboard, click "Manage" next to "Students." Then, click on "View work" next to any student in your class roster.

Manage_Students.jpg     Viewwork.png

What you can analyze:

In this area, you will see information about student assignment completion. On the left, you will see the student's assignments. The following data appears next to each lesson title:

  • Lesson type (eg. Lesson, Challenge, Exercise, or Mission).
  • Correct: The number of assessments the student got correct out of the total number of assessments in the assignment.
  • Points: The number of points the student earned in the lesson.
  • Duration: The amount of time the student spent completing the assignment.
  • Status: This indicates whether the assignment is "Complete," "In Review" (ready for your evaluation), or not started yet.

If you click "View" on a particular assignment, you will see the students' answers and, when available, your feedback for that particular assignment.


The downloaded report

How to access:

Click "Download" next to "Report" on the class tile you are interested in. Then, open the .CSV file downloaded to your device.

Download_report.jpg     Report3.png

What you can analyze:

In this report, you can view whole class data as well as individual student data. The first tab includes the following whole class data:

  • A class list of student names and their usernames.
  • The number of lessons completed out of the total assigned in the course.
  • The number of points earned out of the total possible for the entire course.


The subsequent tabs include individual student data. The student's name and username will appear in the upper left corner. Underneath each lesson title, you will see an element-by-element breakdown of the student's work, including:

  • Any written responses to element questions.
  • The date and time the student completed each element.
  • Whether the student's response to lesson assessments were correct/incorrect.
  • Any teacher feedback offered after evaluation.


The Pre-/post-assessment tab

How to access:

Click on the "More" tab. Then, click on "Pre/Post Assessment" in the dropdown menu.


What you can analyze:

In this area, you can use the three buttons at the top of the screen to toggle between three different views of pre-/post-assessment results data:

  1. Pre-Assessment: Only pre-assessment responses from students.
  2. Post-Assessment: Only post-assessments responses from students.
  3. Matched Data: A matched view that compares pre- and post-assessment responses to show growth.

You can also specify which class data you would like to see or you can view a specific student's pre-/post-assessment data using the dropdown menus in the upper right corner.


  Teacher tip:

Want to share student pre-/post-assessment results? Try using GoFullPage Chrome browser extension to quickly capture and create a full page .PDF or .PNG of the pre-/post-assessment results window. You'll be able to export all results directly from the Checkology platform before the end of the 2020-21 school year. 

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