Transferring students


Student progress transfers along with the student wherever there is any overlap between the two classes (the class they are transferring out of and into). For example, if the student completed InfoZones in their previous class, that lesson would appear completed in the new class too if the new class also has InfoZones assigned. This is the case for both coursework and pre-/post-assessment data.


Transferring students between your own classes:

If you wish to transfer a student between your own Dashboard class tiles, you can do so by adding the student to a new Checkology class and, then, removing them from your old class.


Transferring students to another teacher's class:

If you wish to transfer a student account to another teacher's class, please ensure that both your account and the other teachers' account are affiliated with the same school/organization. If your colleague does not yet have a Checkology educator account, please ask them to register for an account and link with your school during registration. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. On your Dashboard, click "Manage" next to "Students" on the class tile with the student ready to be transferred. This will take you to your class roster where you should see the student you wish to transfer. 



  2. Click on "Edit Student" next to the student's name.



  3. Click "Transfer Student." Once clicked, a popup window will appear where you can select the colleague you wish to transfer the student to.



  4. On the "Transfer Student" popup window, select your colleague from the dropdown menu.



  5. Click the green "Submit Transfer Request" button. Once submitted, you will see the following confirmation message.




I've submitted the transfer. Now what?

After you submit the transfer request, your colleague should receive an email with the request. To complete the transfer, they must click the green "Approve this request" button in the email.


This button will bring them to their Checkology educator account where they will be prompted to select which of their Checkology classes they would like to transfer the student into.  Once your colleague has selected their desired course from the dropdown menu, they just need to click the green "Submit" button.


To confirm that the transfer is complete, your colleague can click on "Manage" next to "Students" for the class they specified in the transfer request. The student should appear in the class roster. 


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