Locating student usernames

Where can I access student usernames?

Student usernames are one way that students whose accounts are not linked to Google or Microsoft can log in to Checkology. These students’ usernames are auto-generated by the Checkology platform and are presented to them when they first log in to their student accounts. Students who sign up with email or who are registered by their teacher may ask for their username in order to log in.

This article goes over two primary ways to view student login information from your educator account: 

  1. In the Manage Students area = view usernames one-by-one
  2. In the Downloaded Report = view a class list of usernames

Step-by-step guides to locating usernames

Use the tabs to toggle between both options for accessing student usernames:

The Manage Students area The Downloaded Report

The Manage Students area

  1. On your Dashboard, click "Manage" next to "Students" on the class tile with the student. 

    This will take you to your class roster where you should see the student's name.

    Manage.png    Ida1.PNG


  2. Click "Edit Student" next to the student's name.



  3. The student's username will appear in the top right.


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