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After you create a class, an unlimited number of student accounts can be added to that class, all for free. Students can either self-register or you can register accounts for them. Email addresses are optional for student account creation but a valid email address must be included in order for a student to utilize a single sign-on option (Google and Microsoft) for login. To begin adding students, click on "+ Add students" during the class creation process or in the "Manage Students" area of an existing class tile.


Use the tabs below to toggle between instructions for adding students:

Invite students to join Add students directly



To have students self-register their accounts, click on the “Invite students to join” option in the “+ Add students” module (located in the “Manage Students” area).

Copy and paste the class join link and share with your students:


You can also find the class join link on your Dashboard class tile:


When students click the class join link, they will see your unique class code and the option to “Join”. After they click “Join,” they will be sent directly to the student account registration page where they can either sign up with a single sign-on option (Google or Microsoft) or they can sign up using email.


To have students join multiple Checkology classes, send them other class join link(s) or code(s).

Once a student has registered and joined their first Checkology class, it’s easy to join other classes. If they are logged into their existing account and click on a new class join link, the new class will be added to their student account Dashboard to choose from.


  Please note: If a student has an existing Checkology account but is not logged in when they click the class join link, please remind them to select “I already have an account” on the student registration page to login (instead of creating a new account). That way, they will have all of their classes in one account.

Students can also click the purple “+ Join a class” button on to top of their Dashboard and enter your unique class code to join another class:


After adding students, you may want to...

  • Check your class roster.

    See who has joined your class by clicking on "Manage" next to "Students" on your Dashboard class tile. You can tell which students sign up with a single sign-on option by checking the icon next to "Edit Student." A pencil icon indicates that the student signed up using email. A Google or Microsoft icon indicates that the student signed up with a single sign-on method.


  • Check student usernames, emails or passwords*.

    If a student forgot their username, email or password, you can quickly access that information by clicking "Manage" next to "Students" and then clicking "Edit Student" next to the student's name. *Please note: You cannot reset an account password for students registered with a single sign-on option (Google or Microsoft). For help troubleshooting a student login issue, please visit our "Student cannot log in/sign in" article.

    Manage_students_CLASS_TILE.png         editstudent.png


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