Can't click "Next" button

What do I do if a student can't click "next" during a lesson?

If the "Next" button (on the bottom right of an assignment) is not turning green or a student is otherwise unable to move forward or progress in the lesson, there may be an issue with either the video preference selection or the student's browser. Below are solutions for both those scenarios.

Solution #1:

Watch the video all the way to the end

If the issue seems to happen on a video element (see image below), the first thing to check is whether the student has viewed the video in it's entirety. Before moving on to solution #2 or #3, ask the student to watch the video to the end and see if that resolves the issue. 


The "Next" button is not set to activate until the video has been viewed all the way to the end. This ensures that students have heard and seen valuable content before moving on to an assessment. 

Solution #2:

Switch video preference

If you have tried solution #1 and the issue is persisting on a video element, try switching video preferences from your educator account. For detailed instructions on how to switch video preference visit our "Account settings: Video preference" help center article.

Once you have switched your video preference, ask the student experiencing the issue to refresh their browser and see if the problem is resolved.

Solution #3:

Clear browser cache or switch browsers

If the issue only happens to one or a small handful of students in a class or if the issue typically happens during non-video elements in an assignment (see image below), it is likely that the student's browser is storing cookies and other information that is interfering with the student's Checkology experience. To solve the problem, ask the student to clear their browser's cache or try using their browser's incognito mode to progress through the assignment.


It may also be worthwhile to ask the student to check if their browser is up-to-date. Here are instructions on how to check that on a Google Chrome browser.

  Please note: If neither of the above solutions works, please contact us.

Click "Submit a request" on the top right of the Help Center or starting a chat with us using the "Help" button on the bottom right.

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