Student cannot log in/sign in

How do I help a student log in/ sign in to their account?

The first step to helping your student successfully log back in to their account is to determine how they registered their Checkology account: Did they register the old-fashioned way (with an email address/username and password) or via a single sign-on option (SSO) such as Google or Microsoft? Once you have determined their account registration, you can use the instructions below to help them resolve the issue.

Click here for instructions on determining how students registered.

If the student is unsure how they registered their account, you can find out in your educator account. From your Dashboard, click "Manage" next to "Students" on the students' class tile. This will open your class roster of student names.

Managestudents.png    icons2.png

After locating the student's name, check the icon to the left of the "Edit Student" option.

  • If it's a pencil icon ( ), the student signed up the old-fashioned way with an email address/username and a password. For example, Nellie Bly and Seymour Hersh signed up using email in the image below.
  • If it's a different logo, such as the Google "G" icon, the student signed up via a single-sign on option. For example, Rachel Carson signed up using email in the image below.


Select the tab below that matches how the student registered their account:

Registered using email (  ) Registered using SSO

Helping students who signed up using email (username/password combo)

Students who sign in with a username (or email) and password combo may at times forget their username and/or password or they may enter their username and password incorrectly. When login credentials are entered incorrectly, an error message appears that says "These credentials do not match our records."

Sign_up_using_email.png        Credentials.PNG


If the student forgot their username:

You can find a student's username from your educator account by clicking "Manage" next to "Students" and, then, clicking "Edit Student" next to the student's name.



If the student forgot their password:

If the student included an email address when they registered (which is optional), they can reset their own password. Students can reset their own passwords by clicking the "Forgot your password?" option on the Checkology sign in screen. This will prompt to enter an email address where the new password will be sent. If the password reset email does not arrive in their inbox within a few minutes, they may want to check their junk/spam folder. 

Forgot.png     Reset.jpg

To reset a student's password from your educator account, click "Manage" next to "Students" and, then, clicking "Edit Student" next to the student's name. Fill in the "Change password" and "Confirm password" boxes and then click the green "Save" button and share the new password with your student.


If the login issue is persisting, please contact NLP here in the Help Center by starting a chat on the bottom right or submitting a request using the button on the top right of this screen.

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