Quick guide to assigning a course

What is a course?

Courses are the collections of news literacy lessons, challenges, exercises and missions that you assign to students. To assign a course, you must first create a class. After you have created a class, click "+ Assign course" to be taken to the course management area.

(Watch the video or read the article below to learn more about assigning a course.)

Assigning the default Checkology course

The default Checkology course is the course automatically served to you in the course management area on Checkology. Follow these  2 steps to assign the default Checkology course to your class.

  Don't want to use the default course? Just scroll down to learn about other course options.

  1. Click the "+ Assign course" button.

    You can find the "+ Assign course" button in two places:

    Under the student registration prompt On your Dashboard class tile 


  2. Click the "Assign to class" button.

    Your are automatically served the Checkology default course (Checkology 101) in the course management area. To assign this course, just click the "Assign to class" button. Once clicked, the button will become purple and say "Assigned" to confirm that the course has been successfully served to the students in your class.

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    Assign_to_class.jpg  assignedred.png

Other options for assigning a course

Build your own course

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To build your own course from scratch, click "Change course" and scroll down until you see "Would you like to build your own course?" Then, click the "Get started" button to go to the course builder. 

change.png          Build.PNG

Select and assign a preset course

Preset Checkology courses are curated courses built by the News Literacy Project to help cater to different subjects or highlight different skillsets. To explore all available preset courses, click on "Change course." Click "Preview" to learn more about a preset course or "Assign" to serve it to your students.

change.png          preset.png

Editing an assigned course

Once you've assigned a course, you can rearrange, add and remove content at any time. Just click "View/edit course" on the class tile you wish to edit. Then, click "Customize this course." You will then be taken to the course builder where you can add, remove, or move around course content. Any changes you make will be auto-saved and served to student accounts. 

  Please note: When customizing a preset course, you will first be prompted to give the course a new name to differentiate it from the original preset.

customize.png          builder.png

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