Editing a course

Can I edit an assigned course?

Yes! Once you've assigned a course to your class, you can return to the course management area anytime to edit it. Just click on "View/edit course" to enter the course management area. To edit a course, you can:

  • Customize the course = make adjustments to the assigned course
  • Change the course =  fully replace the assigned course


You will lose student data if you remove an assignment from a course that students have already started or completed. Once removed, you will no longer be able to view student progress / offer feedback on the removed assignment unless you re-add it to the course.  Students will, however, keep any points they earned from working on the assignment prior to removal.

Step-by-step guides to editing a course

Use the tabs to toggle between instructions on both editing options:

Customizing a course Changing a course

Customizing a course

Customizing a course means adding, removing, or rearranging content in an assigned course. Follow these 4 steps to customize an assigned course. 

  1. Click "View/edit course" on a class tile.

    Class tiles are located on your Dashboard. When you click "View/edit course," you will be taken to the course management area for the class you selected. If you wish to edit multiple courses, you will need to repeat this process with each relevant class tile.



  2. Click "Customize this course."



  3. Give your "new" (customized) course a name/description.

    Because you are customizing an existing course, Checkology will prompt you to create a new name for your course in order to differentiate it from the original. That way, you will be able to find both the original and your customized course when assigning a course in the future.

    To complete this step, give your course a name and add a description (optional). If you want to start customizing from a particular preset course, select it from the dropdown in the bottom box titled "Starting from a preset?" When ready, click "Save" to be taken to the course builder.



  4. Customize/edit the course.

    In the course builder, you can add or remove course content or change the order of content.

    • To add content, drag and drop the content you wish to add from the library (left side) to the course (right side).
    • To remove content, click the  next to any content you wish to remove in your course (right side). This will return it to the library (left side).
    • To change the order of content, click and drag content up or down within your course (right side).

      Please note: your customized course will automatically be assigned to your class as indicated by the grey "Assigned" image at the top of the screen.


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