Sign in with Microsoft

How do I sign in with Microsoft?

Checkology offers a single sign-on integration with Microsoft. This makes it easy to log in to Checkology because your Checkology account is linked with your Microsoft account, so you don't have to remember a new set of credentials!

 Please note: This is not a full integration with any Microsoft service.

Creating a new Checkology account with Microsoft

Follow these 4 steps to create your new Checkology account with Microsoft.

  1. Head to and click "Register" on the top right.



  2. Click "Register now" under your account type.



  3. When prompted to create your account, click "Register with Microsoft."



  4. Enter your Microsoft-linked email address and password and then click "Yes" on the permissions screen to allow Checkology to access Microsoft SSO-related info.


    That's it! Your Checkology account will now be linked to your Microsoft account, and you won't need to remember a new password for Checkology. Just login by clicking "Sign in with Microsoft."

    What if I get an "Approval required" message?

    If you see a message like the one below, it means that an administrator at your institution must first approve Checkology before educators and students can use Microsoft sign-on. If you need assistance with the approval process, or if you need more information to send to your administrator, please contact us here in the Help Center.


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