The Content tab

What's in the "Content" tab?

The Content tab, also called the "Content library," is where you can learn about and preview all Checkology lessons, exercises, challenges and missions. You can customize your Checkology courses to include any of the assignments found in the Content tab.

To browse assignments in the Content tab, click the arrows on the "Learn," "Practice and extend," and "Fact check" drawers. This will expand the available content in each section.



  Please note: You cannot assign content to students from within the Content tab.

To assign content, you'll first need to create a class. You'll then be able to assign content to the class by building a course.

Learning about assignments

To learn more about assignments in the Content tab, try checking out the difficulty level, star rating, and preview button.

Difficulty level
Hover your mouse over the colorful bars underneath a content image to check the assignment's difficulty level and see any related integration notes to consider. For example, in the image below, you see that The First Amendment lesson is recommended for "middle school, high school, and higher education," but it is also noted that it is a "reading intensive lesson."


Star rating
The star rating is based on the star level the students in your classes select when they complete and submit an assignment.
Preview: Click the "Preview" button to the left of a piece of content to check it out. You can preview the entire assignment you selected using this option.


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