Checkology summer maintenance period

  Checkology will be down for scheduled maintenance from July 1-31, 2024.

During this maintenance period, all student accounts will be deleted in accordance with our privacy policy. 

What happens during the maintenance period?

  • All student accounts on Checkology are deleted from the platform. NLP deletes student accounts in order to comply with Checkology's privacy policy, which states that "NLP deletes personal information about students who use the Checkology® Platform every twelve (12) months."
  • Teacher Dashboards are cleared of the previous year's classes.
  • NLP performs routine maintenance.

How should teachers prepare for the maintenance period?

  • Download all student progress data that you will need to record. Learn more about progress data and how to download it in this Help Center article.
  • Be aware that your current students' accounts will be deleted. If your students are midway through their course, you will need to record their course progress before June 30th. Then, starting in August, you will need to create a new class for them and reassign them their course. We apologize for the inconveniences this may cause. 


If you're a teacher and you have any questions about the summer maintenance period, please contact us by clicking the "Submit a Request" button on the top right. Students, please ask your teachers to get in touch with NLP in the Help Center with any questions. 


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