New preset course: Misinfo master class

What is the "Misinfo master class" course?

This preset course teaches students how to identify and debunk misinformation in just a few weeks with two lessons — "InfoZones" and "Misinformation" and three supplemental activities. Plus, an optional lesson designed for high school or higher ed learners: "Conspiratorial Thinking."

(Watch the video or read the article below to learn how to assign and edit this course.)

Misinfo master class: Course description 

This preset course teaches students how to identify and debunk misinformation in just a few weeks and includes:


  • InfoZones
  • Misinformation
  • Conspiratorial Thinking

Supplemental activities

  • InfoZones: COVID-19
  • MisinfoQuest: Weather

Check Center missions

  • Verifying social media content

Course highlights and learning objectives

Learning objectives for each of the three lessons in this learning experience include:

  • InfoZones: I can analyze examples of information and categorize them by determining their primary purpose.
  • Misinformation: I can identify and differentiate between different types of misinformation; explain why understanding and debunking misinformation matters; evaluate and explain the possible consequences of misinformation; and understand the role of Russian disinformation during and after the 2016 presidential election.
  • Conspiratorial Thinking: I can explain what “conspiracy theories” are and why people find them appealing and compelling; describe what conspiratorial thinking is and the role it plays in making conspiracy theories engaging and compelling to people; recognize the key cognitive biases involved in conspiratorial thinking and identify the human needs that conspiracy theories address; and demonstrate the social and political impact of conspiratorial thinking and conspiracy theories.
Misinfo master class: Course sequence 


Assigning the "Misinfo master class" course

Before assigning the "Misinfo master class" course, visit to register a free educator account and use our getting started guide to help you create your first class and add students. After you've created your class, follow these two steps to assign the "Misinfo master class" to your students:

  1. Click the "+ Assign course" button.

    You can find the "+ Assign course" button in two places:

    Under the student registration prompt On your Dashboard class tile 



  2. Select "Change course" and scroll to "Presets by subject or skillset" section.

    Change_course.png         Masterclass.png


  3. Click "Assign" next to the "Misinfo master class" course option.


Editing the "Misinfo master class" course

Once you've assigned the course to your class, you can return to the course management area anytime to edit it. Just click on "View/edit course" to enter the course management area.

For detailed instructions on how to edit a course, please visit out "Editing a course" Help Center article:

  Related article: Editing a course


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