What's in the "Resources" tab?

The resources tab houses materials and supports to help you smoothly integrate news literacy into your classroom. You will find Checkology lesson guides and supplements, classroom-ready teaching materials, and more!

To sift through our ever-growing list of resources, use the navigation bar to the left to "Filter by Lesson" or "Filter by Category."


Category descriptions

Click on a category name to read about available resources:

Lesson guides

This category brings you to our "Comprehensive Lesson Guides," which include quick lesson overviews, full lesson guides, and teacher tips.

Lesson transcripts and answer keys
This category includes English-language video transcripts and answer keys for all Checkology lesson.
Lesson posters
This category includes lesson-specific downloadable posters.
Getting started with Checkology
This category includes resources to help you get to know Checkology and integrate news literacy easily into your teaching practice. Those resources include parent and guardian letters, standards alignments and information about Checkology features like the Newsroom to Classroom Program and the Check Center. You can also find a copy of the pre/post assessment questions. 
Newsroom to Classroom
This category includes resources to help you plan your classroom connection with a journalist, including an overview of the program, a step-by-step guide to making a connection and a worksheet for collaboratively planning the visit.
Feedback surveys
This category includes the links to our educator and student surveys so you and your students can share your feedback with us after using Checkology.
Classroom materials
This category includes NLP-created resources that can help support your news literacy teaching practice, such as posters, quizzes and slide decks.
Teacher submitted
This category includes resources created and submitted by other Checkology educators, including short Kahoot and Quizizz activities. Want to share something with us? Just fill out our "Share a resource" page.
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