Educator-created preset course: News literacy pre-unit (by Scott Zwierzchowski)

Scott Zwierzchowski teaches civics to students in grades 11 and 12 at Lincoln Park High School in Chicago. In September 2020, he and his colleagues implemented a short news literacy unit to prepare students to evaluate sources and sort fact from fiction throughout the year.

To learn more about this news literacy unit and assign it to students, follow the instructions below.


1. Create a class for a group or section of students. Then, click "Assign course." If you've already created a class and would like to change its course, click "View/edit course" instead. 


2. In the course module, click "Change course."Screen_Shot_2020-11-18_at_10.38.55.png

3. In the pop-up that appears, scroll down to "Presets by subject or skillset." You'll see the news literacy pre-unit. Click "Preview."


4. Then, you'll see a course description with highlights and learning objectives. Note that for this particular course, the course highlights and learning objectives contain links to outside resources created by Scott Zwierzchowski. Scroll down to see a list of the assignments in the course. 


5. Then, you can either assign the course as-is, or you can customize the course. Use the buttons at the top right to make your choice: 




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