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What are contests?

A few times each year, the News Literacy Project (NLP) creates and hosts platform-wide contests on Checkology. These contests are global — any student using Checkology can submit a response. Contest entries are judged by NLP and a winner is selected at the end of the contest period. Contests are a great way for students to demonstrate or practice their news literacy learning. By default, contests are enabled in Checkology.

  Most recent contest:

InfoZones: Student edition!
You have a chance to help thousands of students learn how to zone information! For this contest, send an example of information about a topic you're interested in. The winners will have their examples featured in a brand new, student-made InfoZones exercise. 

This contest closed on Tuesday, October 31.

Locating the contests setting

To access the contests setting, click "Edit" next to "Class settings" on your class tile. Then, click "Open advanced settings" on the bottom right.

Edit.png     contests.png

Turning contests on/off

Toggle the switch to turn contests on (green) or off (gray). Click the green "Save" button after making any changes to class settings.

Contests: On

When contests are enabled, students have the option to complete a contest in their student accounts.


  Please note: When contests are enabled, students may choose to enter a contest independently, regardless of whether you ask them to complete it.

You can preview contests from your educator account by clicking "View/edit course" on your class tile and scrolling down until you see the contest module. Note: the "View/edit course" widow mimics a student view of the course. Previewing a contest may help you decide whether to encourage your students to enter. 

viewedit.png     Screen_Shot_2020-10-16_at_16.15.41.png                          

When a student clicks "Enter," they will see instructions on how to complete the task(s) of the contest. When they submit the contest, their submission is visible to the NLP team. 

Contests: Off

When contests are switched off, students will not see any contests appear in their student accounts. 



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