Can I transfer students?

Yes! You can transfer students from one class on your Dashboard to another. You can also transfer students from one of your classes to the class of another teacher registered with your same school. This article will go over both those options.


Student progress transfers along with the student wherever there is any overlap between the two classes (the class they are transferring out of and into). For example, if the student completed InfoZones in their previous class, that lesson would appear completed in the new class too if the new class also has InfoZones assigned. This is the case for both coursework and pre-/post-assessment data.

Step-by-step guides to transferring students

Use the tabs to toggle between instructions on both transferring options:

Transferring students across classes Transferring students across teachers

Transferring students across classes

Use this option to transfer a student from one class on your Dashboard to another class on your Dashboard. Follow the steps below to complete this kind of transfer.

In the steps below, I'll transfer student Ida Wells out of my "ELA 10" class and into my "Journalism" class.



  1. On your Dashboard, click "Manage" next to "Students" on the class tile the student is currently in. 

    This will take you to your class roster where you should see the student you wish to transfer.

    Manage.png    Ida1.PNG


  2. Click "Edit Student" next to the student's name.



  3. Click the "Class" dropdown menu (on the top left) and select the class you would like to transfer that student into. 



  4. Click "Save" before exiting back to your Dashboard.

    Make sure the "Class" dropdown now says the name of the class you would like to transfer the student into. Then, click the green "Save" button.



  5. Confirm that the student is now in your other class.

    Head back to your Dashboard and click "Manage" next to "Students" on the class tile the student was transferred into. You should see them appear in the class roster.


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