With an admin account, you can:

  • Add teachers to your school or to schools within your district.
  • Build courses for teachers in your school or district to use with their classes.
  • View content completion metrics for students in your school or district.
  • View district- or school-wide progress towards goals on the student pre-/post-platform assessment.

Adding teachers

To add a teacher in your school admin account, click the "Add" button on the bottom right of the Organization screen. In your district admin account, click into the school into which you'd like to add the teacher, then click "Add" on the bottom right.


Once you've sent the invite, the teacher will see an email that prompts them to join Checkology:



The teacher then fills out few fields and is ready to use Checkology under your school or district's umbrella: 



Please note that teachers who join via this invitation system will need to sign up with their email address. If they'd like to join via Google or Microsoft, they'll need to join by going through the registration process at checkology.org.

All teachers in any organization can be co-teachers with one another.

Building courses

Coming soon!

Viewing content completion metrics

To monitor student progress within your organization or district on specific lessons, challenges, exercises and missions, click the "More" button on the top right of your admin account, and then click "Metrics":


You can then click "View" next to any piece of content on Checkology to see how students in your organization or district are performing. Once you've clicked into a piece of content, you'll see indicators of student performance:


You can also use the dropdown on the top right to view the full lesson or only the items within the lesson that are teacher evaluable:


Viewing pre-/post-platform assessment data

To monitor student progress towards pre-/post-platform assessment goals within your organization or district, click the "More" button on the top right of your admin account, and then click "Pre/Post Assessment":


On the "Survey Results" screen, use the three buttons in the center to toggle between pre-assessment results, post-assessment results, and students' matched data. In a district admin account, you will see a dropdown on the top right of this screen, which will allow you to narrow your results down by school.

Hover over the data visualizations under "pre-assessment" and "post-assessment" to view more detail:


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