What's new in 2022?

  • Lots of brand-new lessons!

    This year, Checkology’s new lessons make it easy to bring news literacy to science, math, and art classes. Be sure to share the good news with your colleagues and emphasize those cross-curricular connections with your students! Here’s what’s new:

    • “Power in Art: The Watchdog Role of Editorial Cartoonists”
      Learn about the history of editorial cartooning as a unique and powerful form of opinion journalism and practice analyzing cartoons from the 1700s to the present day.
    • “Making Sense of Data”
      Explore how we create, interact with, and are influenced by data in all aspects of our lives — and learn how to evaluate the accuracy of data-based claims and visualizations.
    • “Be Health Informed”
      Discover how to make sense of the health and wellness information vying for our attention — and avoid being misled.
    • “Evaluating Science-based Claims”
      Learn how to recognize science-based claims and evaluate their credibility using the FLOATER method. Consider why people deny science and explore science journalism.
    • (Coming soon!) “History of Harm and Distrust”
  • Ability to add students to multiple classes.

    You asked, we answered! A student can now join as many classes as they need from the same account.

  • Even easier rostering and registration. 

    We streamlined the process for adding and inviting students to your Checkology class(es). Checkology continues to support both Microsoft and Google SSO.

  • New "Assignment guides" and other teacher supports.

    Assignment guides are designed to help you determine which Checkology lessons best fit with your curriculum and student needs. Visit the updated "Resources" tab to view assignment guides, transcripts, answer keys and more!

Keep in mind: Checkology and all NLP resources are free!

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