• Checkology is still totally FREE!

    No-cost, full access for all users is continuing. That's right — no "premium" accounts or student licenses necessary. All teachers have the ability to create classes, add students and build custom courses with news literacy lessons, all for free.

  • Single sign-on via Google and Microsoft.

    This year, we added Microsoft to our single sign-on options for quick and easy Checkology login. To use one of our single sign-on options, just click "Sign up with [Google/Microsoft]" during registration or "Sign in with [Google/Microsoft]" if you already have an account.

  • Brand-new content.

    During the 2021-2022 school year, we are adding several brand-new pieces of content! We already have two new exercises available on platform ("Bias: Types and Forms Level 1" and "Bias: Types and Forms Level 2), a new challenge ("MisinfoChallenge: Fact-checking 101"), and a new Check Center tutorial ("Advanced: Lateral reading"). Be on the lookout for these upcoming assignments:

    • Fact-checking mission and tutorial on using search engines like a pro.
    • Lesson on editorial cartooning.
    • Lessons on scientific claims, data analysis and medical misinformation.
    • Lesson on the history of harm and distrust in the news.
  • Content is even more accessible for all learners.

    Starting in September 2021, Checkology will be compliant with even more Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standards. Specifically, assignments on Checkology will be: 1) readable with a screen reader, 2) navigable via keyboard and 3) compliant with color contrast standards.

  • Class join link is even easier to copy and share.

    We added a small but significant update to the class tiles on your Dashboard by adding a "Class join link" option! This means fewer clicks for you so you can quickly grab your class URL and code to share with students. This class join link autofills your class code for students during their self-registration process.

  • Retakes.

    You can now enable retakes in your class settings area. Retakes allow students to completely redo and resubmit assignments. When enabled, students see a “retake” option next to each submitted and evaluated assignment.

  • Archive a class.

    When you archive a class, you hide it from your main view on the Dashboard. This will help you make space for new classes by removing from view past, completed classes.

  • Enhanced platform speed and performance.

    We're doing some behind-the-scenes work this year to make Checkology run even more smoothly and efficiently for you and your students.

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